Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winter Penguins and Other Plans

For some reason over winter break I could not get myself to work on anything for school, but now that I'm exhausted and back to work, I feel like blogging?  Heehee...  This week back was kind of up and down for my class.  Monday we came back from break, and the kids were SO GOOD.  Like angelic good.  Tuesday we had an inservice and they had a substitute for whom they were even more angelic.  The rest of the week? no bueno.  I do not know what it was, because there was no full moon or wind, only super cold weather which we are not used to here in sunny Southern Cali.  It's been in the 30s in the mornings!  Brrr!!!  I'm chalking it up to that, and hope they come back on Monday as angels.

So what were we up to this week?  We were getting back into the swing of math tubs, lessons, and reading group rotations.  Back to their long days with me, and a few wanting to go home.  Lots of hugs and I love yous, and a few calling me mom {which melts my heart...}  And...penguins!  I love how interested kids are in animals and learning new things about them.  So, I chose penguins to focus on this week, as there is a multitude of holidays and things coming up.

I bought these two adorable books from Amazon {children's book junkie, I am}:

We watched Emperor Penguins speed launch out of the water on YouTube...

And made these absolutely UH-stinkin-dorable penguins I saw a pin of on Pinterest.  Here's the link to the pin, and here our a few of my kiddos penguins.

Cute, right?!  And, yes, I still have my Santas up.  I need to take them down and get my snowmen up we made before break.  {Have you seen these?  They are so cute.}  You mix half and half of glue and shaving cream and let the kids go to town making a snowman.  They love it!

Well, that's what we've been up to this week.  Next week I plan on doing a directed draw on Martin Luther King, Jr. and read the kids a little about him.  I found this cute video on YouTube about him, too.

Have a great week, Everyone!!


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