Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CTP - Creative Teaching Press

Love me some CTP!!  This is the first year which I'm trying to coordinate my classroom all to match.  Still debating, because my background papers are already up!!  That means I would have to redo them.  {Sigh.}  I really function better when things in the classroom are aesthetically put together, coordinating, and organized.  Hence my "Mission Organization."  I love this coordinating set of classroom decor from CTP:

I love the different frames for labels, and those inspired me to make my own classroom helpers signs.  My plans for these are to print out and glue pencils/clip art with my future students' names onto clothespins, and then just move the clothespins around when they change jobs.  Here is a snapshot of my labels:

I'm a sucker for new classroom stuff, and it just so happens that I stumbled upon a giveaway on a fellow teacher's blog for class stuff!  WOO!  She's teamed up with CTP to giveaway a set of Sing Along & Read Along with Dr. Jean, which is a $56 value!  Hope I win!  Check out the giveaway here.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Book Labels

SO! I'm super happy with the way my book labels came out. I've only done one set of them so far. I want to get into my classroom and sort through my books before I make any more. I would rather not have 10,000 book bins...they have to fit on my shelves, after all! What do you think??
Next up for mission organize the classroom:
Classroom Helpers

Labels Page by: PrintCandee

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Exactly a year ago, I spent the entire summer wondering how I would survive teaching Kindergarten.  I swear, if you can teach Kindergarten, you can do anything!  I have seriously earned my gold star.  I'm actually quite thankful to a certain principal who told me he thought I would be a perfect K teacher.  At the time I felt like telling him he was nuts, but he was right.  I'm so glad this summer I'm not freaking out and wasting my vacation time!

I have become obsessed with scouring the Internet {Pinterest!} for fun, fresh ideas for Kindergarten.  I actually think I've seen too many ideas, because I'm starting to feel overwhelmed!  So I decided a great place to start would be with classroom theme and organization.  I think I've decided on owls, although I'm still debating monkeys.  Anyway...I love, love, love totes and buckets to organize things.  Organization makes me happy and certainly less stressed.  I wish I had an expendable income.  Those buckets can add up quickly!  I bought a few totes/organizers at the Target dollar spot last summer.  I'd like to buy a bunch and organize my library books.  It is going to be a lot. of. work.  But worth it if it's as awesome as I think it's going to be.  Here are some of my Pinterest "pinspirations":

Option 1 - Organize by first letter of books

Option 2 - Organize by subject matter

Another Option - I like the clear bins in this pic

I love these labels!  They are super adorable.  I am thinking I can create my own similar ones to suit my needs.  But then I think...$4 would save me a lot of time.  LOL  Love those little stick students clip art.

How do you organize your classroom books??  Leave a comment or link up if you'd like to share how you organize the chaos books can become.