Sunday, August 26, 2012

A New Adventure

So tomorrow is the big day.  24 (or more!) little people are going to be entrusted to my care for 9 months.  They will grow in more ways than just physically in their first year of education.  I have such a good gut feeling that this is going to be the best year ever.  My 11th year teaching.  Can that even be possible??  It doesn't seem like it.  This year will be a new adventure in kinderland.

SO, I'm having a glass of wine, hanging out with the kids, and enjoying my last moments of peace before the crazy begins tomorrow.  At least the #1 kid doesn't start school until the 4th, and the #2 kid doesn't start until the 11th.  I only need to worry about getting myself ready in the morning for a week before the chaos begins.  Now...what to wear the first day?  I have these new adorable flats to wear:

So I'm thinkin' black slacks, those flats, and one of my anthro tops.  But which one???  LOL  Okay, have a great Monday everyone!!  Wish me luck in my new adventures in kinderland.


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