Monday, July 16, 2012

Book Labels

SO! I'm super happy with the way my book labels came out. I've only done one set of them so far. I want to get into my classroom and sort through my books before I make any more. I would rather not have 10,000 book bins...they have to fit on my shelves, after all! What do you think??
Next up for mission organize the classroom:
Classroom Helpers

Labels Page by: PrintCandee


KinderKapers said...

I love your book labels! I am off this morning to work on my class library (I tell you we are connected somehow). I have so many books that they do not fit on my I keep some in tubs and swap them out as the year goes on. Can you share your labels or are they copyrighted? How did you make them...what program did you use once you had the graphics by PrintCandee?

Terri Izatt

The Stevens Family said...

Hello! Thanks!! I just saw your comment. I posted the book bin labels on TPT yesterday along with some other classroom labels. I use photoshop to create all my things. You can edit them in Adobe acrobat too but I prefer photoshop. I can add my clip art, change sizes, colors, etc.

I decided to not put out all my books either. I put sets together that made sense, and put the rest in boxes in my storage room. I would love to ask for some new books...maybe I will do a Donors Choose this year.

Have a great school year!

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