Friday, November 22, 2013

Update and Lens Giveaway

UPDATE - No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth!!  Hahaha.  I have been taking an extended leave of absence since the beginning of the school year for medical reasons.  It has been a very strange roller coaster.  I've been working really hard with my doctors to get healthy, and to be able to return to work after Winter break.  I sure hope I'm ready by then!

In the mean time, I've been going to doctor's appointments, physical therapy, and trying to do things I enjoy like walking, playing the piano, crocheting and knitting, and photography.  I've gone on a few field trips with my son's kindergarten class and helped in the classroom so I've had a few opportunities to use my Nikon DSLR camera in manual mode!  I would love to own some more camera gear.  A new lens would be a fantastic, crazy-awesome thing to win.  It just so happens that Crave Photography is giving away a lens!!!  YAY!  I entered to win it, and I'm hoping doing a blog entry will give me a little extra luck.  Go check them out, and enter to win the giveaway yourself if you'd like!  They have some beautiful pictures to look at while you're there!

So wish me luck, my friends.  I'm going to go finish editing pictures from the Thanksgiving party from my son's kindergarten class I was the photographer for today.  :)  Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!  Hope you all have a lovely Fall break.

P.S.  My son is the one eating the turkey!  ;)


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